AZ part 3

I had been home for 5 days when Jesse and I climbed in the truck and headed to AZ for the third time in as many weeks.  We were driving a load of stuff to Jim and Paula and coming straight back home.  Down and back.  
It was the middle of May and I certainly did not expect our travel conditions to look like this. 

The drive was mostly uneventful aside from traffic, road closures due to snow, an accident, and more road closures for construction.  It was the longest trek from UT to AZ we have ever had.  We were beat and hungry and could”t wait to eat a taco.  Which we did. NOT. do.  Boo.  How we spent 2 nights in AZ and didn’t eat at our favorite places is beyond me.  Note to self: DO NOT let other people choose the places you eat while visiting.
We will do better next time.

We love you AZ.  We’ll be back.  

AZ part 2

For my next little jaunt south, my girls set up an amazing weekend over mother’s day.  While I missed being with my kids and the chance to celebrate my own mother, it was a very relaxing weekend! 
Again I was made aware of just how much I love these friends of mine.  They make my life more fun, more crazy, and a little more busy.  I miss them more than I can think about without tears in my eyes.  
I think my next friend trip needs to happen in the winter so I can have some reprieve from the grey skies.  

AZ part 1

Since the night we drove away from the desert I have been thinking about when I would next set foot in the land of cacti and amazing sunsets.  
It took over 8 months, which doesn’t seem like very long but in those 8 months I had to survive my first Utah winter, which was no small emotional feat.  
I watched the flights like a crazy person and finally found some weekends that were cheap enough to jump.  I bought a ticket and two days later some friends bought me another ticket.  I had not one trip on the horizon, but two.  
As I sat in the tiny Ogden airport watching the flight get later and later I got more and more anxious.  Tears filled my eyes as the plane landed just as the sun was setting, AZ welcoming me home with the most spectacular of greetings.  
Amanda and I spent the next few days doing what we do, hiking, eating, shopping, and even a little painting.  She now has the most gorgeous BLACK butlers pantry.  The black may seem scary but with a window and light grey cabinets it looks amazing.  I wish I had a pic.  
I do have a pic of us wearing the same shirt, because that is what we do when we shop.  We are pretty good shoppers, hikers, eaters, and painters.  We make a great team and I have missed that friendship so much this last year.  
As a self proclaimed hermit I did not realize just how much I needed my friends.  Well, I realized how much I needed the few great friends that I have, I just haven’t known how I was going to replace them.  It seems I am not going to be able to replace anyone, but I am finally accepting new resumes for some people to add themselves to my short list of dear friends.  

and they’re off

In March Jim and Paula received their mission call.  To the Arizona Mesa mission of all places they could have been called.  For real.  
We have all had our laughs about it and scratched our heads a time or two but they are officially on their way today.  Well, to Provo anyway.  They’ll be heading further south on Friday and be spending a year in our old stomping grounds.  We are a little jealous of the warm weather and accessibility to tacos, but we look forward to hearing all about their adventures. 

Run Max Run

Max began running a few weeks ago and his first track meet was Tuesday.  He ran his giant heart right out of his chest.  I don’t think he could have put more of himself into his events if he tried. 
What an exciting few seconds those races are! 

a sunny day in the cemetery

“It’s been 2 long years now, since the top of the world came crashing down, I’m getting it back on the road now, but I’ve taken the long way around….”
A pretty fitting song for a girl who never let anyone tell her what to do or how to do it.  I miss her every single day.  I sat by her headstone and cried a little and laughed some too.  
Miss and love you always sis. 

Isabel’s first Prom

It’s almost surreal sending your little girl off to her first prom.  So exciting and a little glimpse into her taking a few more steps away from us.  I realized this may be the last house that Isabel lives with us in.  The last this…the last that…it’s quite a bit more bittersweet than those exciting firsts, perhaps cleaner.  
She looked STUNNING and Brock was a handsome date. 

Luke is 12

Another is growing up.  He is 12.  And he is proud of that.  And he is funny, and smart, and silly.  
For his birthday Luke went to breakfast with my parents and then off to school.  He picked Lucky Slice for dinner and Finn, Indi, Missa, and Cody joined us.  

Luke is now a deacon and has taken his responsibilities quite seriously.  He seems to enjoy scouts so that is great news!

a long day at the airport

For his birthday Max wanted a plane ticket to AZ to spend some time with his friends and go to a concert with a friend.  
Luckily I decided to sit with him before he checked in.  The flight was delayed multiple times and eventually realized he was going to miss the concert.  What a bummer.  
I wish that was the only hiccup.  He ended up being bounced from one friends to another and through it all he was easy going and went with the flow. 
Crazy to have him gone like that but I was proud of how he was relaxed through the entire thing.