Isabel is 17

Do you think this girl of mine is excited to be 17? She was, don’t be fooled by her sullen expression. 

Despite being the hardest of my kids shop for, she is not very hard to please.  The only reason she is hard to shop for is that she doesn’t want anything.  She can’t come up with things to ask for.  It makes me so proud of her and at the same time frustrated.

In one short year she will entering her last week of high school and planning for the rest of her life.  Her smile may be just as wide, but with each day that passes her thoughts are increasingly heavier and she becomes more and more aware of the adulthood responsibilities that are coming her way.

I am proud of her for thinking about big things.  And my heart aches for her that she is already leaving some of the childhood naivety behind.

Dream big little lady, let your heart be light.  There’s time enough for worry.  Just keep that big smile on your face not matter what comes.

Happiest of birthdays my dear.  


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