the last derby

Luke competed in his final pinewood derby a few days ago.  He worked hard on his car with Jesse and did much of the work himself.  He had such a great attitude and told himself that it was about the fun.  That he did a lot of work and was just going to enjoy it.  
After his car had been down the track 3-4 times, coming in last place each time, his little face started to show signs of stress and it became obvious to us that he was trying to hold it together.  
Nearing the end of the races, Luke’s car still not winning a single one, our sweet Luke looked down the row of chairs and noticed another little boy, red faced and tear streaked, struggling with his few losses.  Without any hesitation Luke slid down the row and this proud mama watched her wise 10 year old boy swallow his own defeat and cheer up someone else.  
His friends eyes dried and the stress on Luke’s face was instantly gone.  Of all the winning cars that my boys have sent down the track, this win was the sweetest.  

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