A few weeks ago Jesse decided he wanted to have an aviary and raise birds with the kids.  Jesse has such fond memories of having birds with his dad when he was young.  Well, to have an aviary it requires you to have birds.  All of a sudden it seemed like my house was full of birds and I didn’t feel very patient with this new flock.  
That is until Jack arrived.  
This is Jack Sparrow, though he is obviously not a sparrow.  He is the cutest, softest little parrotlet and he loves people.  He loves to curl right up in your hand or climb up your sleeve and take a nap.  He also loves to attempt to fly and walk around the house like a teensy tiny puppy checking out his surroundings.  

Here he is up my sleeve.  

About a week after we got Jack,  he forgot he couldn’t fly very well and took a header straight into our back door.  I was so worried about him and knew that he had hit his little head a few times already.  He seemed fine for a while and then as Jesse and I were headed to bed, we realized he had blood coming out his little nose/beak holes.  I feared the worst and sure enough, Jack didn’t make it through the night.  

I cried a lot of tears that day and just wanted another tiny little buddy to have with me as I finished making a chalkboard for a friend.  I kept wondering why I was so sad over a little bird I hadn’t asked for or really wanted.  
Then I realized it was because he made us happy.  I like to think we are happy people and I am pretty sure we are, sometimes things just make you happier.  Jack was one of those things.  It may seem silly to some but Jack took an itsy bits piece of all of our hearts with him when he flew on out of our lives.  
And I’ll tell you what.  Loss isn’t easy, even if it is just a little fluffy bird.  

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