deller robertson weekend

After fall break we had Jim and Paula with us for a few days before Abbi, Cole, and the girls arrived. I was in the midst of a little bit of a breakdown and seemed to be trying to hold myself together as I tried to enjoy the family with us.  
Sometimes I did a better job than others.  
I don’t have any pics of the family spending time together but the kids jumped on the trampoline from sun up to sundown and jumped in the pool a few times for good measure.  Because when people come from Montana you show them the beauty of living in the valley of the sun in October.  
The adults ate at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants with a gorgeous patio. It has been a long time since that has been able to happen!
After Abbi and Cole headed up Monday morning, the rest of us loaded up and made the hour drive to north Phoenix to see the new LDS temple.  Paula’s cousin is a supervisor for the church and gave us an awesome behind the scenes tour.  What an amazing miracle this building is.  
And 7 people keeping their eyes open for a picture is no small feat either!

For good measure they have this photo booth you can take a picture in.  There were so many of us you couldn’t really see the temple in the background.


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