fall break

We just back from a beautiful fall break spent in Utah.  The weather was a welcome reprieve from our heat and the colors were just starting to blanket the hills.  
I spent an evening at the cemetery.  I haven’t been able to go back since the funeral and it was a little haunting to sit there in the quiet.  Jane’s final resting place sure has a amazing view.  I’m sure the next time I will be able to visit there will be a marker here and the mountains will covered in green.  

Bryce got an elk the morning we left to travel.

And I wanted to know how much a trophy elk head weighed so he told me to pick it up.  And I did.  They are pretty heavy.  
More beautiful fall vistas.  

The Friday before we headed home Jesse and I took the kids on a little drive.  We drove them through the campus at Weber State where we met.  We drove them up Ogden canyon and stopped at the Oaks for lunch.  And the heavens poured out the most incredible sun light amidst the best scenery.  Utah in fall really is my favorite time to be there I think.

We all spent time with both sides of the family, laughing and enjoying each other.  A few moments of bitter sweet crept in, as I’m sure they will from time to time when we are gathered together.  
I got a cold the last few days were we there and the drive home seemed even more melancholy because of it.  I spent the first few days at home trying to feel better and get ready for more people to be at our house.  More littles and cousins!

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