Jesse and Me

I have an uncanny ability to win photo shoots.  And apparently a lot of photographer friends that give away said photo shoots.

So when I saw that another friend posted a last minute mini session I entered my name.  And the next day found out that I had won.

Of course my kids had other plans with it being so last minute and instead of letting it go to waste, I decided Jesse and I would make a date of it and go have some fun.  And that we did.

Maybe it’s silly that I love having pictures of us.  I don’t think I am overly vain. (I hope I’m not?!)  I do, however, feel like I have a pretty first hand perspective on the fleeting thing this life is and love the little snippets captured on film.  Especially since I am not very good at capturing them myself.

These were taken May 3rd.  It still felt a little hard to smile.  Tears were always just waiting on edge, so eager to fall.  And yet laughing with Jesse and my photog friend Chelsea felt good and right and so refreshing.  And they didn’t turn out half bad either.



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