simple days

I stared at the sky for a little while today. It was nice to have some time to be able to do that. It is one of my favorite things to do. Especially on a sunny, 75 degree day. While the rest of the country is having cold weather and snow storms, I enjoyed a beautiful blue sky.

I visited a friend today and also had a presidency meeting, then took two of the kids to run some errands. I have not taken the kids with me to run errands for quite some time. When I do take one with me it usually because they have something they need while we are out. We chatted as we drove and I wished that Max could have been with us for old time sake, and because I missed him.

In the years since the kids were too small to leave behind I have felt like it was easier to leave them home. I enjoyed my quiet trips and nobody asking for extra stuff at the store.

Today while the sky was blue and perfect, the kids were pleasant company, and I was thankful for such a special, simple day.


One thought on “simple days

  1. Ive had the same sentiments lately…….its funny how when the kids are all mostly small, it’s harder to take them out and around and you treasure that time alone for a little break from the hustle of being Mom. Now that my kids are a little older, I’m realizing my time with them is getting shorter and they are busy and out and about and I am home……wishing they were small again and I had more time to spend with them. Funny how our perspectives change as the kids get older, isn’t it? I hope you are doing well. I have loved being able to check in on you on Instagram and blogs! I only wish we lived closer so you could fix up all my old furniture and decorate my house! Ha ha! (p.s. my address is 2520 S. 2050 W. Syracuse Ut. 84075……get your cards ready! 🙂 I didn’t get as many this year as others either…..not as many sent them out this year!)

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