It has been a couple weeks.  I was talking the other day with a friend about blogging.  It has been a little bit harder to keep up on the last few months.  Of course everything has been a little bit harder to keep up on these last few months.

It seems like there is always something that I’m not quite keeping up on.  Be it laundry, grocery shopping, house cleaning…something.

My parents came to visit and we had a good visit.  They took the kids to a Riparian reserve and an observatory.  We need to go back because the kids haven’t stopped talking about it.

Max had another over night campout.  He then hiked Flat Iron in the Superstition mountains, which is a pretty hard 6 mile hike.  He came home happy he made it to the top and exhausted, with a cute farmers tan.

Luke is much happier with school.  He quite enjoyed the testing they had last week as it was easy for him.  Actually, all the kids enjoyed testing week.  I took the boys to McD’s for a free breakfast one day.  Isabel didn’t want to wake up.  The intention was to give kids a meal that may not have a good breakfast.  Not sure it was the nest breakfast but they liked it.

Isabel is getting excited for girls camp and youth conference and finishing 8th grade.  Still has a bit of volunteer work to get done and love helping out teachers.  She babysits a lot and has been to a few birthday parties recently.  And there were boys at the parties.  Ha!  She is pretty good teenager with pretty good friends.

I painted three houses for Jesse last week and cleaned another.  I am still in the middle of furnishing a house for a client with Amanda and have a few pieces of furniture to finish for some other people.  It is busy but I like it!  We were out looking at garage sales and found a little old man selling his treasures.  He was probably 80 years old and as we looked through his things it quickly became apparent that his things were collected and taken care over many years.  He had antique books and newspapers in plastic from historical days.  We talked to him a bit and he would pick up a book and flip through it, remembering.  He had notes written in them and dates circled.  He had a copy of Robinson Crusoe from 1872.  His frail hand touched the cover and shook a little as he talked about the book.

I thought about this little old man a lot yesterday, wondering what he thought as he took his things out of his house and displayed them on tables in his drive way.  It was sad to me to think of selling treasures I’d collected through my life.  Jesse thought maybe he just didn’t need them anymore and was cleaning out.  Much less sentimental, but whatever the case may be, someday all the treasures will be sorted and sold, or passed on to someone else.

So, while I love collecting treasures, I need to remember to collect the little treasures that happen everyday.  Despite the busy.  The McD’s breakfast and car rides to and from activities.

Maybe I will get back on top of blogging/recording those little treasures too.


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