a week in pictures

December is in true form and we have found ourselves running all over the east valley with concerts, parties and shopping runs because we have to get “just one more thing.”   Here is a slightly condensed version of some of the things we have been up to.
I do not have one single photo of the week my mom was here to show off our wild times.  So these will have to do.
On 12/12/12 at 12:12:12 I had a car full of mathletes.  It was my day to run the Max and the other three math kids and I found it quite fitting that these kids celebrated such a date a time with loud cheers.  Two had their watches set to alarm at the exact moment.  I think Max is a pretty handsome fellow, and I am proud he has found joy in math…it is not something that brings me much joy.
Saturday Max and Luke had an even for their walking and jogging club.  It should be running club for these two boys, they have two speeds.  Fast and off.  I didn’t get a picture of Max running, here is Luke at the end of his run/obstacle course.  It was a cold, drizzly day, he normally doesn’t like to wear jeans to run.  His face is pretty much always like this.
I finally got around to Christmas cards.  I even ran out of them.  Here is a picture of one of them.  I had two different styles this year because I had such great coupons.  I like to pretend my kiddos are on the beach the way the sun is shining.
 I wore a skirt to church.  I always do, but apparently this week it was a big deal.  I feel the most dressed up in a skirt or dress.  So that is what I wear to church.  And for the record, the only people who have made me feel bad about being a woman have been women.  If you need more back story, let me know.  I’m NOT putting it on my blog.  🙂
Jesse took Max to his first professional basketball game.  They played the Utah Jazz, how fitting is that.  It is strange that I have been to hundreds of these things for work years ago.  I’m fine with the 14 year break from games.
After I wore a skirt to church on Sunday, we made treats and decorated gingerbread houses.  The kids loved it and I got some neighbor gifts done.
Birthday/Christmas miracle, my couch arrived early!  I was not expecting to have it before Christmas and here it is.  I really like my new couch and I really like blue.  I may be painting another wall or two blue in the near future.
Our elf has been hard at work.  Here are a few things he has been up to, along with swinging from chandeliers, cutting up some snow flakes, playing in the fridge, and leaving donuts for the kids breakfast.  He is kind of slow for an elf and doesn’t move every night.
All the packages are wrapped and I think we are done with the shopping.  Just a few more days of school and we will have a two week break from waking early and routines to enjoy the holiday season and feel the peace this time of year can bring if we let it.

2 thoughts on “a week in pictures

  1. Cute cards! Isn’t it interesting how it usually is other women (not men) who make us feel bad (either intentionally or unintentionally?). Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. Just want to let you know I think you are super Awesome. I wish I were more like you. you are an amazing woman, strong, talented, a great mom and wife, the list just goes on and on. Oh and your family is pretty great too. Have a great Christmas!

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