summer storms and the dregs of summer break

Monsoon season is in full force, this weekend we had this storm roll in.
The sky turned dark and an eery color of orange and brown as the dust surrounded us. The winds blow pretty hard when these storms come through, and then the rain comes.  This week the rain was not very heavy.  It seems like the temperature should drop, and it does a little, but it doesn’t feel cooler, just extremely humid.
Two and a half weeks until school starts, Isabel nearly cried when I told the kids they had to start waking up and getting ready just like a school morning.  She has loved her lazy mornings.  Luke can’t wait to go back to school, and Max continues to roll with what comes his way.
I said before this has been a slower summer break, just as the last few years have been on the slower side.  And I intend to keep the last two and a half weeks of summer as relaxed as possible as we watch the storms roll through.

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