a week in the life

It is a little nuts that school will be starting again in 3 and a half weeks.  I am not really ready for them to go back, but this week the kids have been working at make me ready.  Monday the boys got to scrub baseboards because they could not stop fighting.
 Tuesday the kids were fighting again so they lost television and video games.  They had to either read or write in their journals.  Two of them fell asleep.
Wednesday we tracked down a 7-11 and picked up a free Slurpee.  I am not sure if my kids had ever had a Slurpee before.  Icee’s and slushies, but I don’t think slurpees.  I told them how I used to ride my bike to get one when I was little.  Luke said it was because I lived in a “much” smaller town.
Thursday Isabel babysat and I tagged along with Jesse while he ran around the valley for work.  Friday I took Isabel shopping while there were some sales.  She must be turning over a new leaf because all she bought were dresses, which she insists she will wear to school.
Saturday the rain came.  And boy was is a crazy monsoon!
Jesse and I had to run some errands and about an hour after it stopped raining our back yard looked like this.  The boys decided to skim board in the side yard.
We have yet to get to the library this summer, a usual summer staple around here. Along with seeing movies and having friends over.  Our “norms” haven’t been so normal, we have only eaten 1 1/2 boxes of popsicles!
Maybe we will have to make up for the last 7 weeks in the next 3.  Or maybe not…that’s a lot of popsicles.

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