gathering thoughts

The past few weeks have been something of a blur.  Most days have been filled with many little busy things…you know, the things we do while raising a family.

Along with the everyday I have found myself visiting a friend in the hospital, driving to be with a friend in need as she starts a new chapter of her life, making my way to a handful of Dr. appointments, spending the morning with some friendly police officers after they were called on a friend and me(that’s a first for me! it was kind of funny), an induction ceremony to NJHS for Isabel, a wedding shower, a wedding, another baptism, a fun filled weekend with family, and a lot of introspection.

Various songs have drifted through my thoughts.  Various feelings have reached the surface and were then replaced with others, and more still.

And now I find myself silent.

Not much on my mind to write, not much in my mouth to be said.  Just stillness.

I review the hopes I have felt for those I love.  The fears and sorrows for those I am worried about.  The joy for those who have been blessed.  And I feel those same feelings for myself as well.

So I will gather my thoughts and pray some more prayers.  I will do what we all do and move through the days and try to live as best I can.


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