biking and running

I gotta brag up my kids for a minute.

Max has started riding a bike with his dad.  He has gone on a few “easy” rides and the past week or so Jesse has upped the ante a little.  Saturday he rode 30 miles and tonight he rode 26.  Though not as many miles, this ride tonight had some serious hills.  One of them 4+ miles long.  BIG hills.  You can’t really see him in this picture because he is 3rd in this pack of kids that have been coached twice a week for the last 6 months.

On top of the bike riding, Max started running this week.  The kids school does a program each spring to get the kids running.  They can earn medals for how many miles they run before school and during one of their recesses.  It is closely monitored so the kids know just how far they run.  Today was day two and Max ran 4.5 miles.  Yesterday he ran 4 miles.  He will earn a bronze medal if he can run 1.5 miles tomorrow.   Max has decided he is going to try and run at least 150 miles in the next 7 weeks.  And is also determined to keep riding his bike like a madman.

I am not sure where he gets it but I am amazed at his drive and determination.

Isabel, who does NOT enjoy running managed to run 3 miles today.  Again, where this is coming from, I have no idea but I am so proud of their efforts!


7 thoughts on “biking and running

  1. Patrick, you may be right because that kid can swim like a fish. This other stuff has really surprised me! He is a tough little guy.

  2. Future Ironman?!!! Holy cow! I would be proud too…..that’s a lot of mileage for a kid his age! So exciting and fun to watch them come into their own and learn what their abilities are!

  3. What do you mean where does this come from? You and Jesse are both very athletic. I think that Max and Isabel both rock! Very impressive!

  4. erin . . .

    thanks for your cute cardigan comment on my silly blog, which, by the way, seems extremely trivial now that i’ve read a few of your posts. trials! did we really sign up for these? i know we “shouted for joy” about coming to earth, but seriously . . . what were we thinking? bless your heart. i hope you’ll continue to heal and get back to “normal” ~ whatever that is! ~ really soon.

    stephanie romney

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