I was looking at clouds the other day.  They were wispy and feathery and stretched across the perfect blue sky.  The next day I was again looking at the sky and noticing more clouds than the day before and the color of the sky was more grey and less happy.  There aren’t very many days when the sky is not blue in Arizona.  The blue skies were one of my first favorite things about living here.  I marveled that there could be that many days in a row with bright cheerful skies.

Today I am yet another year older and still striving to grab hold of the elusive wisdom that is supposed to come with age.

This picture may look like I am upset.  Maybe even mad.  In actuality I am looking out my window at the amazing world, in awe and full of calmness.  If you could zoom in on the reflection in my eyes you would see the greenery around our pool, the clouds moving across the sky, and the lemons clinging in masses on the tree.

There is one bit of wisdom that seems to constantly reintroduce itself to me.  Despite all ups and down, incredible joys and devastating lows, there are always more blue skies than grey.  There is ALWAYS something beautiful around us waiting to be seen and appreciated.  Even when my face does not show the joy around me, I hope my eyes can reflect the blue skies. They are always right behind a few clouds after all.


2 thoughts on “clouds

  1. You are wise beyond your years Erin. I love to read about your perspective on life. Wishing you a very happy birthday! Sending you big hugs from Utah.

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