cleaning up

I cleaned house today.  Actually not so much my house but my computer.  I have been worried about it crashing and decided it was time that I get all my pictures, documents, and itunes backed up just in case.

When I clean anything it always leads to some unexpected cleaning and my blog list was the next area that got attacked.  I have been contemplating ditching some blogs I had followed for a while and I had finally decided it was time.  I love to read and I love to hear other takes on life, parenting, or anything creative.  It just was all too much.  I have never had more than 25 or so on my list and I don’t get sucked into spending hours on my computer, I just wasn’t feeling the blog world.  (pretty much if you are reading this, I still read your blog BTW)

Instead of feeling uplifted by what grand things other people are doing, I was feeling less than others…never a good road to head down.

I recently read a post about how blogs can be uplifting or can make us feel terrible and I it rang true to me in so many ways.  I hope to never have the blog that makes anyone feel terrible, and though I may not be very uplifting, I hope my family and the few readers I have can find humor in my bumbling self as I try to figure this out this life stuff.

Good thing I have some time.


2 thoughts on “cleaning up

  1. I never feel terrible reading your blog. I love reading about your family and your cute kids. I just need to be better about writing in my blog. Maybe tomorrow.

  2. Erin you once made a comment on MY blog about this very thing! I totally empathize with you on this subject. Let me just tell you what I get out of YOUR blog.

    a: It’s fun to read ~ I can totally remember your sense of humor and I always think what a cool Mom you are. You were always so much “cooler” than I. 🙂

    b: You’re down to earth. You don’t mention the fact that you are vacationing in Martha’s Vinyard (even if you WERE) just to have some sort of status out there…does that make sense?

    c: I love how you talk about your kids all. the. time. I love reading about their personalities….and their funny pictures.

    d: I like that you give out free advice even when you don’t mean to….like when Morgan cut all her Barbies hair off.

    You’re just a good person who writes a fun and lighthearted blog. You and I are alike in a few ways here though because I worry about the same thing. (I never want to be discouraging to others either) Keep it up ~

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