This was our sixth 4th of July spent on the beach and it did not disappoint.  Well, the weather was a little cooler than we had hoped but we found some sun here and there. We had not even been out of the car for an hour before the kids were soaked head to toe, in their clothing no less.  We can’t seem to keep them out of the water.

Here is a shot of Max trying to warm up.  He finally took my advice and laid flat on his belly.  For some reason it really was warmer that way.
Luke riding his boogie board…Jesse, Grandpa, and Max were in the water watching.  Max was on his surfboard waiting for another set of waves.
Luke dancing in the water.  He doesn’t just play, he jumps, twirls, kicks…he dances.
The last ride in, this wave tumbled Luke a bit.  He was not thrilled about that.  Isabel was much braver this year than in the past, yet she still was often on the shore watching.
Good old Ruby’s Diner at the end of the Pier.
It was SUPER cold walking in off the pier.  These kids loved the “airplanes pulling pictures” as Lily called them.  In this shot they are watching a helicopter.
Luke and Max got into it outside Taco Surf while we were waiting for Jesse to ride back to the house to get the code for the bike lock that he forgot.  Here is the damage to Luke’s eye. Not from Max but from a nearby trash can/ash tray thing made of metal. Uncle Ryan assured us he didn’t need stitches, which is good since Jesse doesn’t believe in them anyway. That was an exciting night.
Jim and Paula took Abbi, Lily, Isabel, Max, and Luke to Sea World one of the days.  The kids loved it…Luke was thrilled to have gotten soaked, Lily not so much.
Max is getting to be quite the surfer.  He paddled himself out this year, turned around, watched the waves and picked some great ones to ride back in.  He would wait and wait and paddle his little heart out to catch those waves.   He was so proud that he could do it all by himself!
Watching him paddle out was awesome.
Almost up…
There we go!  Ryan was thrilled in the background and we were all cheering from the beach.  Way to ride Max!
Ryan took Max way out on the Paddleboard.  That sucker was huge.  They paddled around for a while and then Max said, “how are we going to get back?”
“Catch a wave and surf in.”  said Ryan.
What an adventure.  Ryan had been able to surf with a dolphin family the day before.  It was incredible to see him out so close to the dolphins.
The kids spent a lot of time playing with cousin Lily.  She loved them and wanted them to be with her most of the time.  When they would walk away she would say, “come back Lukey!”

The week was another great week at the beach.  The house was perfect. The extra company was great.  (This year we had Jesse’s parents as well as his sisters, Abbi and her daughter Lily, Laci and her husband Ryan.)  We ate at our favorite places and visited our favorite shops. The parade was fun, even though the WW11 vets are becoming more and more scarce.  This year there were a bunch of Vietnam vets.  That was a sad thing.  Survivors from Pearl Harbor and the rest of WW11 came through in one piece for the most part.  The Vietnam vets were not so fortunate.  Most of them were missing limbs and one was riding in the parade on a electric bed, not even a wheelchair.  It was an awesome thing to see all the people stand and cheer for America.

And as always…we can’t wait to go back to the beach, even if it is not until next year.


2 thoughts on “beach

  1. Oh my you guys look like you had so much fun! Was this in Oceanside? We stayed at a beach house there a few years ago and went to a Diner at the end of the pier….it was yummy too. 🙂

    We missed you when you visited Utah! Next time you come you’ll have to plan a day where we could at least go to lunch or something.

  2. Wahoo! It looks like you guys had a fabulous time. Very nice tradition you have going there. I loved the pictures!

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