mustaches and “acavities”

Luke had another dentist appointment today.  He had his first cavity filled, or as he calls them, “acavities.”  He was less than thrilled at the idea and admitted he was “just a little nervous” about it.

After sitting in the freezing cold waiting room for the third day in a row, this is how my 6 year old was returned to me.  Cavity filled and mustachioed.

Notice the glassy eyed look?  That always freaks me out a bit.  Within the first few minutes of being done he said the word “numbness” about 34 times.

“I hate this numbness.”

“This numbness feels weird.  Do I look weird?”

“Numbness makes my mouth feel like cotton.  Feel it Mom.”

“My whhhoooollllee chin is numbness.”  (this said while pulling, pinching, and stretching his lip)




Luke is always good for a laugh or two.  Unless you laugh when he is numb and then he is not so happy.  But he is quite dashing with a black mustache.


2 thoughts on “mustaches and “acavities”

  1. Ah, little buddy! I feel for you! I just did the same thing myself today!! I hate the numbness too! Bit my cheek a few times before it wore off! I don’t love the Dentist either! I didn’t even get a mustache or a coin for the prize jar!! Glad you made it through ok!!

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