picture party

I have been promising pictures for a while now and I am finally able to make good on that promise.  Recently we had our family pictures taken.  We found a talented, adorable, hilarious little lady to take them and had such fun with her.  If you are interested you can look at her great stuff here. She really is something.

I have learned that with any photo shoot, I need to eliminate all expectations.  This time around Luke was SO busy I thought he would end up a blur in all pictures.  Isabel opened to the camera a little more than last time around posing like crazy, her poses were just that at times.  I loved seeing her be more confident and show her sass.

This picture of the kids makes me smile.  I asked Natalie to take a picture of the kids more like a silhouette, I love how it turned out.  A little different that last time, but still capturing their personalities.

This is my favorite one of the whole family.  Not your typical smiles and I love it.

These kids really couldn’t stop laughing.  This one of the whole bunch shows just how silly they all were.

Whatcha gonna do?

Love this blond guy.  Luke is so happy.

Max was having a hard time smiling, this candid shot ended up being my favorite. He is not my kid to be in the spotlight.  He sure is handsome though!

Through all her poses she sparkled.  She is growing up so fast.

Here is another goofy one…amongst many.  Trust me.

Natalie set this on us and it made me laugh when I saw the faces the kids pulled.  Sorry kids.

The kids finally got a little tired of all of it.  I am pretty sure Luke is yelling something about wanting a drink at this point.  I think he yelled about being thirsty 23 times in 45 minutes.

Thanks for great photos Natalie.  I can’t wait to arrange them around my house and  have another reminder of this part of our lives.


7 thoughts on “picture party

  1. Absolutely LOVE the pics!! You have a beautiful family! Love that little princess of yours tons…you’re right she’s growin up too fast!

  2. Sorry, I’m anonymous. I forgot to leave my name, didn’t want you to think you had a stalker. He He!

  3. What great pictures. Of course, it helps that you are all so beautiful! Watch out, the boys are going to be banging down the door for Isabel before you know it!

  4. Your family is beautiful Erin–I especially love the ones of your kids–I think they show each of their personalities so well! I love the one of you & Jesse kissing and the look on your kids faces–priceless! We just got ours framed and I LOVE having them on my wall finally!

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