anxious so anxious

You make me anxious…name that band. I dare ya.

Speaking of anxiety, I have been patiently waiting the arrival of what I hope to be photographic excellence and I am about to go out of my mind! Why is it that waiting is so hard?

Today Jesse raced in the annual Tour De Phoenix. Which, incidentally, will be called the Tour De Mesa next year since it does not even go through Phoenix and the city of Mesa (hip, hip) is the biggest supporter of the race. This is not an easy route, 72ish miles. 3 Decent hill climbs. Last year Jesse finished just over the time he hoped to reach. This year he beat that time, but still finished just over his goal. Still nothing to be ashamed of when you consider he was off his bike for a few months there!
Waiting for him to cross that finish line is torturous. Hearts were pounding and hands were sweating. And that was just the kids.

The kids have begun the count down to summer for the first time since Isabel started school 6 years ago. Believe it or not, Luke was the first to start the count down. He told me people are getting harder and harder on him since he is getting older. He can’t wait for a break. Another wait has begun.

And the waiting is the hardest part.


4 thoughts on “anxious so anxious

  1. “waiting for photographic excellence”… does this mean you’re waiting to receive photos that you had taken or that you are getting a camera to take your own photos with???

    Good job, Jesse!

    When do the kids get out of school there?

  2. Go Jesse! He is an inspiration to me – literally get back on the bike when you are knocked off. I can’t wait to see the pictures!

  3. So many exciting things going on. That is terrific news about Jesse. Tell him congratulations from me.

  4. would be so much easier to comment if two year old were not on lap- i thonk I amlooking forward to summ er just as much as the kids

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