guess how much I love you?

As wide as I can reach. As far as I can hop.

Luke is 6 today.  Every childs birthday reminds me of how fleeting things are.  Every birthday of Luke’s brings me to tears as my baby grows into a big boy. How can it be that six years ago I saw the most beautiful little blond baby enter the world?  I still feel the pleading prayers in my heart for him to breathe, just as I had for Max. Just breathe. I can still feel his tiny foot in my hand as I held onto it and watched his chest rise and fall far too quickly.  Prayers were again answered and the day before Easter, 6 years ago, I brought my blond baby home.

Luke’s Favorites at 6

  • favorite color = green
  • favorite thing to do = play with friends.  Luke has a lot of friends and wants to be with them.  ALL. THE. TIME.
  • favorite food = chicken.  All varieties.
  • favorite movie = Star Wars.  Still.
  • favorite excuse for not wanting to go to bed at night = “it’s a holiday tomorrow!”

Luke loves to sing.  He loves to tell us he loves us.  He is becoming quite the reader and is excellent at math.  While volunteering in his classroom recently I overheard the following.

Teacher:  What animals do you see in this picture?

Luke:  Orca, or killer whale.

Other student:  Shamu!

Luke: Ughhhh….Shamu is just a named Orca!

Here is a paper Luke brought home the other day.

Translation:  “I like to watch my uncle Ryan.  I want to be a fire fighter”    Love how he knew there was a “g” in there somewhere…

Oh Lukey Duke.  Little Yellow. Double Duke.   Grow up if you must.   But Guess how much I Love You?

I love you to the moon and back.  Even if you are my big blond boy instead of my little blond baby.


5 thoughts on “guess how much I love you?

  1. Such a great mom.

    I love this picture – he is such a sweetheart. He treats everyone so kindly and you can feel it from him when he is near you. You should be so proud Dellers!

  2. I see so much of you in his face. Wow. 🙂 He is one handsome kid…and I’m just impressed that he knows the name for a killer whale. S.M.R.T.

  3. That is such a nice tribute to your little Luke. Wow, he is so incredibly handsome. Such amazing hair, and darling eyes. He is a great kid. I loved the story you shared about what he said in school. He is one smart cookie!

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