sugar and spice…

and everything nice, that’s what little girls are made of…  I think my sugar and spice has been been replaced by the little girl with the curl in the middle of her forehead.  When she is good she is very, very good, and when she is bad she is…well, you understand right?


This picture was taken on Christmas 6 years ago.  Isabel in all her sweetness.  Of course she was sassy even then, but the sass was different.

In the past few months my little girl has slipped through my fingers and become a young lady.  I know this started to happen 10+ years ago, but her growing up has never been more evident.  I am learning to let go.  She will hate me for posting this and yet I am doing it anyway.  She hates me part of each day as it is, we will be ok.  We have gone from hair being only a pain when attempting to de-tangle, to an accessory she is learning to care for and style.  Makeup has become more and more enticing.  Bras are no longer something that will be needed someday and are intriguing.  Bras are a necessity.  Oh and the moods.  ALL over the place people.

I can no longer protect my little girl from everything.  I can not even protect her from herself.  That sounds scary but the fact of the matter is, My little girl is making decisions for herself more and more and sometimes they are not the decisions I would make for her.  I can’t make her do things, I can’t organize her life for her.  My encouragement and gentle reminders are annoyances to her so I have to step back.  Step back from the little things and pray with all my heart that she will carry her testimony strong as she learns to be the “big girl” she is becoming.

Isabel is a good girl and I am sure I will look back at this 5th grade drama and laugh or long for this kind of drama.  I am hoping that she will have learned a thing or two along the way.  I know I am learning right along with her.


One thought on “sugar and spice…

  1. Girls are HARD sometimes! I am still trying to navigate my way through the drama that is a teenage girl–and now I have TWO! Hang in there, and just be there to listen. I know that’s my girl’s number one complaint–I am too quick to speak and judge, and I don’t LISTEN! It’s true, we have to learn along with them.

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