amazing folk

I love happy endings.  I will watch the most predictable movies because I love the happy endings that inevitably come with them.  Even better than happy endings? Happy all the way through. Well, actually, I don’t mind some heart ache in a movie when I see a glimmer of hope that a happy ending could at least be imagined.

A week ago or so I got a notice that there was something at the post office for me and I needed to pay .20 cents postage. (either that or $20 but I was sure it was cents. The notice was hard to read.)  I put the notice on the counter and went about my daily life thinking I would maybe get there.  Then the flu hit our house, and company arrived and the next time I thought about I tossed the notice because what would be sent to be needing additional postage?  The only people that send me things requiring more postage are my mom and Jesse’s mom and neither one said something would be in the mail.

Today I sent Isabel to get the mail.  We have not picked up the mail since last Friday and I figured it was time.  I am sure the mailman loves our overflowing mailbox.  I am not sure how he fits things in there sometimes.   She came home and dropped a huge pile on my lap and as I started going through it I notices another notice.  This time it was attached to the letter needing postage along with an envelope to put the .20 cents in.

Because I love happy things and often fantasize about wonderfully happy things magically happening to me, my heart started pounding as I examined a thick envelope.  No return address, t the stamp was smeared and hard to read where it had been mailed from.  As I opened it and read the sweet note,

“Hope this helps with the dishwasher emergency! Hang in there!  Someone who loves you guys:)”

Immediately the tears poured out of my eyes.  Along with the sweet note were 2 Visa gifts cards.  Someone does love us and I am so overcome with thankfulness.

I don’t know who you are.  I don’t know how to thank you.  I want you to know I am so humbled by your generosity and thoughtfulness.  Thank you for helping our family have a “happy ending” to our dishwasher story and a reminder that there is always a glimmer of happy along the way.


3 thoughts on “amazing folk

  1. What a wonderful story! Couldn’t happen to better people! Have a great holiday weekend! Remember the pics of Josh and Isabel on Halloween – it still makes me smile~

  2. That is the coolest! Thanks for sharing……We too have experienced similar help in the last couple of weeks! It sure lifts your spirits, doesn’t it? I only wish I would have been the one who thought of it myself! Lucky to have those with kind hearts out there, right?! 🙂 Sorry to hear that Jesse had a bad accident, but glad to hear he is ok……considering!

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