pink wool…

I have had a few experiences recently that have gotten me to thinking.

The first was when a friend was doing some handwriting analysis and mentioned how I must have a strong desire to be understood because there were large spaces in between my words.  I thought that was a given, to want to be understood.  I guess I was way off in that assumption.

The second experience was reading a blog entry of a family member.  He lives a different life than I do.  He is a different person than I am.  He thinks different thoughts than I do.  His post was pointing out the fact that humans all over the world are starting to look alarmingly alike and that we need to be the individuals that we are.  Stop trying to fit it.

Today I want to say something and I REALLY want to be understood.  I am me.  I am different from the people around me even if they are wearing the same thing I am.  I have my own thoughts I want to have people understand and not judge me for them.  I am not the peg to be put smoothly into the hole with no resistance.  I do want to be a little outside the box and perhaps go against the grain a little.  That being said, I also don’t care what anyone else is wearing, I like what I am wearing.  The same can be said for where I live, what I eat, what I believe, and what I want in my life.

Just because I may “look” like one of the many white sheep doesn’t mean I have followed them blindly or even follow them at all. Maybe I just plain like sheep.  And maybe I should let my pink wool show a little more so that others can better understand me and see that I am not just another one in the herd.


3 thoughts on “pink wool…

  1. If everyone was a white sheep life would be so boring. Let your pink wool show with pride. My wool is a light shade of yellow but getting righter all the time. I love reading your blog. 😀

  2. I know exactly what you are referring to. I had many similar thoughts. You know that pink is my favorite color so I guess I would have pink wool too. Oh wait, that is BAAAAd to like something that you also have or like. Shoot. I must be a complete sheep!

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