mode d’emploi


Summer instructions:

  • wake up whenever
  • complete exercise of choice
  • eat breakfast, of course chocolate chip cookies count
  • be lazy, maybe do some laundry.  Maybe not. 
  • swim
  • maybe ride bikes to some spontaneous adventure
  • eat lunch
  • swim
  • be lazy (but at least get dressed before Jesse gets home)
  • eat dinner, grilled chicken & fruit preferably
  • swim some more
  • be lazy
  • sleep
  • repeat repeat repeat

I think we just about have it down.


4 thoughts on “mode d’emploi

  1. Oh….if I only had your gorgeous pool, then I could enjoy that schedule too! Since I don’t have the pool, I will just substitute our Tramp, and then our schedules are just about identical! Isn’t summer perfect?! Enjoy!

  2. Love it, Love it, Love it! As I’ve gotten older, I think I have realized that time goes way too fast–and we need to slow down, nix all the schedules and organization, and just try to ENJOY LIFE! Good for you for having a LAZY summer! I bet it will be full of great memories for you and your kids!

  3. What I would give to have a pool like that to enjoy. You are one very blessed chic you know that?

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