baby, you can drive my car…

…but I’m riding my bike.  Yep.  I am still at it and still enjoying the miles ticking by as I pedal and let my thoughts drift as they will.  I may not be doubling the miles every ride, and I am still not very fast, but I am happy on those 2 wheels.  I had never understood the “runners high.”  I can not run very well and have always struggled with the idea of needing aaerobic exercise to be healthy because I plain and simply hated it.  And yet here I am needing the boost I get with each little jaunt on my cute orange bike.  I am not even running from the hills anymore.  

This weekend I am going to be riding 35 miles with Jesse in a charity fun ride.  I know that it will push me a little further and I will probably be a tired mama, but I am anxious to start peddling.  

I guess I am just giddy from a riders high.


5 thoughts on “baby, you can drive my car…

  1. Good luck
    Darin and I did a 30 mile fun bike ride for charity last weekend – it was lots of fun.

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