the Zoo…then the shower

Last week was a wonderfully fun filled adventure!  Wednesday was the ever anticipated ZOO DAY with Luke’s preschool.  This is a big deal folks!  For a few months, (or at least weeks but it seems like months) Luke has been learning about the animals he would see at the zoo and tell me all the details of said animals.  For example, did you know that a giraffe could kick off a lion’s head? Were you aware that you could tell zebras apart by the stripes on their bums?  Yeah, me neither but thanks to my 4 year old, I am enlightened on the ins and outs of many animals.  
The weather was beautiful and I loved my time at the zoo with Luke.  It was quite impressive to see the huge tiger up in the tree and even more impressive to watch him gracefully make his way down!
I took off Thursday to surprise Laci for her bridal shower.  It was a fun surprise for me to be able to go and a fun thing to surprise her by being there!  Laci and Ryan are about the cutest couple since Jesse and I!  Haha, seriously though, they are awesome. I am thrilled to see these people so much in love.
I am SO lucky to have great sisters-in-law and love being able to spend time with all of them.  I got to see all but one of them this trip and LOVED it!  Thanks everyone for making this happen!


One thought on “the Zoo…then the shower

  1. Phoenix has such a great zoo – my favorite is the water turtles on your way in. So entertaining! Glad you had fun – and thanks for sharing, now I can say I learned something new today (giraffe trivia)

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