Better Safe

For the record, 4 year olds are not always the best source of information. If you want them to remember something, they will forget. If you want them to forget something, they will not only remember it, but will pass along any information you wish to keep quiet.
When a 4 year old gets hurt and you need them to tell you exactly how, inevitably they will not be able to. So when Luke came home crying about his sore index finger and could not tell me what happened, I figured it would be fine and quickly get better. Get better is not what it did, instead it got bigger. And bigger. And is now quite a lovely shade of purple. And black. This photo really does not do justice to the size or color…After a long day of Dr. visits and xrays we were happy to find out that it is not broken, but sprained. Better safe than sorry because, of course, had we not spent the time and money it would have been worse. ¬†


3 thoughts on “Better Safe

  1. Sorry to hear Luke is hurt! You did the right (albeit expensive thing) by going to the Dr. I guess its only money, right? And your Luke is priceless. Hope he is better by Christmas.

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