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4 Random things I love about Jesse James Deller:  (besides his awesome name)

1. The most important thing to him is taking care of his family.

2. I love that he loves flip-flops as much as me!

3. I love that he can eat anything with tortillas for the rest of his life and be happy.
4. I love that we are usually laughing when we are around each other.  

4 Jobs I’ve had:
1. Union Building receptionist at WSU
2. Home Health Aide
3. Broadcast assistant for the Utah Jazz
4. Mom

4 Movies I have seen more than once:
1. Knights Tale
2. P.S. I Love You
3. Hitch
4. Surf’s Up

4 Tv Shows I watch:
1. Property Ladder
2. The Soup
3. The Office – best show ever
4. The Hills on MTV…Jesse even watches it with me.  HA! 

4 Places I’ve Been:
1. Banff,  Canada
2. Cancun, Mexico
3. Hawaii 
4. Cali beaches…some of the best memories.

4 places I’ve lived:
1. Kalispell, Montana
2. Kaysville, Utah
3. Layton, Utah
4. Mesa, Arizona

4 Favorite Foods:
1. Fresh fruit
2. Mexican food
3. Fry Bread
4. fresh fruit smoothies

4 Places I’d Like to Visit:
1. New York (at Christmas to see the tree)…I want to hitch a ride with Heather! 
2. Australia
3. Fiji
4. Greece

4 People I tag:
1.  Jill
2. Becky
3. Tiffany
4. Stacie G…come on, get your first post up there!!  I am anxious to read your answers!


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