September Snow

Nothing like a good snow storm in Arizona, in September.  Especially if said snow storm is actually a semi truck full of blocks of ice and a giant snow cone machine shaving those blocks of ice creating a 5  foot mountain of snow! (ok, it wasn’t a giant snow cone machine, but I don’t know what you would exactly call a giant ice shaving machine and it was hot enough that I really wanted a giant snow cone)

Max and Luke enjoyed playing on the giant pile of snow, that is until their feet got cold. Their silly mom forgot that snow was cold and made them wear flip slops so as not to ruin their shoes. Luke climbed to the top of the pile a few times and then finally decided he didn’t actually like it anymore and just sat there not knowing what to do.  When we were walking to the car after playing for a whopping 10 minutes, Luke let me know he doesn’t like snow.  Remember, this is the kid who reminds us often that he was “born in the hot and likes the hot more than the cold,” so him deciding he didn’t like snow was not a big surprise. 

And then there was Isabel.  She happily came with us.  She happily said she didn’t really want to play in the snow, and she happily stood off to the side by the lamp post and watched the boys freeze their toes off.  Hmmm.  Smart little cookie.  

This snow was found at a local shopping center, I have no idea why they did it, I just thought it would be fun for the kids.  As a side note, I drove by the parking lot two days after the giant pile was created and there was still a bit there slowly melting away in the 100 degree heat.  Go figure.  


4 thoughts on “September Snow

  1. what a cute girl Isabelle is – she looks so grown up!
    “Boys!” (that’s what the thought bubble above her head should read.)

  2. Looks like so much fun. We got to experience some snow in the summer this year too. We had a great time playing in it as well! I bet if felt extra nice in Arizona though!!!

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