Lazy Sunday

Just another Sunday.  They go something like this.  Wake up.  Feed people breakfast.  Hurry to get kids dressed, oh, and the ever-shrinking-husband whose clothing seems to grow larger each week, I have to dress him too. (by way of ironing, picking out clothes, assuring him that it does in fact match, etc.) Go to church.  Hear Luke remind me that he still does not like church.  Big surprise since last week buddy.  Make it through Sacrament meeting in tact.  Barely.  This week we make the decision to go home instead of the rest of church because I have been CRAZY sick. (feeling better though, thanks, I am sure we will make it to all of church next week.)  Change kids out of church clothes.  Help get a Volkswagon bug out of the toy hauler.  (That one is not a normal Sunday activity, just a fun adventure with Jesse’s dad. Fit like a glove, with not much room to spare.  Awesome.) Take a nap.  Wake up to one of three kids, or all three kids,  fighting about something.  Feed people again.  Ride a bike around the neighborhood with the kids in a line like ducks.  Feed the people one last time.  Break up a light-saber battle before someone loses an eye, or leg if Luke has his way.  Gather the troops to put them to bed.  Rescue a fallen Jedi so he can go to bed.  Thwart all attempts to stay out of bed with “one more drink.”  Read some blogs.  Type my own.  Enjoy the quiet that always welcomes me at the end of another lazy Sunday.  Wouldn’t have it any other way. 


2 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday

  1. Ahhh, Sunday. (congratulations on the cake BTW) Sunday is such a love-hate day. My five year old never wnats to go, comes up with all kinds of reasons- I don’t feel good, I’m scared, It’s to long…on and on. it’s nice to know we are not the only ones with this struggle.

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