Some of you have asked why I do not have a list of links on the sidebar of my blog so I guess I will answer that.  I do not like clutter.  I already look at my blog somedays and think I should remove something so it is clean and crisp.  I create things to add to the side, put them up and then, within a day, they are removed.  Too much “stuff.”
 I guess this speaks volumes about me as a person as well.  I do not like extra “stuff” in my life.  I thought about signing the kids up for swimming or diving or other fun summer activities, but I only thought about it.  Once I get to really doing it, I can not stand the idea of being busy with a bunch of extra clutter.  I know the kids would enjoy it, I also happen to know they think they have a pretty good life without all of that.  
These are little things and I would be ok with a little extra, but I also know that this translates to other areas of my life.  I like to take what is most important to me and junk the stuff I don’t need.  Some people in my family tease me that I throw everything away.  That is true to an extent.  I do strive to keep only what I need physically, emotionally & psychologically.  (Notice I did not mention intellectually, I take all the help I can get in that department!) I have noticed that living my life this way leaves little room for unhappiness.  Of course things still get to me, but I am learning to throw them away so all I am left with is what makes me happy.  So for now, there are no links.  I guess I don’t need them. 

One thought on “Links

  1. I love it. We are so much alike. However, right now I feel like I have too much clutter in my life. Our home remodel and basement finishing are about to drive me over the edge. I can’t wait to have my life in order again.

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