Summer Schedules

Every year I make a summer schedule and hang it on the fridge for the kids.  This year is no exception.  My kids and I do much better living by a schedule and it seems to help to have it where they can look at it.  After the first few weeks they have it memorized, but it still hangs on the fridge for me.  As per a friends suggestion, I am putting our schedule on here, I am sure I will laugh at it someday.  

Monday- Cleaning day.  Not much explanation needed, we clean the house.  We also do grocery shopping, which, by the way, with 3 kids is no small feat.  Not really an enjoyable experience I must say, but I am trying to be more patient.
Tuesday- Movie day.  This is new for us but we will probably be doing it again next year.  We bought summer movies tickets, 10 movies for 7$.  Most of the movies we have seen before, but it is still fun.  Alvin and the Chipmunks was just as bad the second time around though.   Much to my chagrin. 
Wednesday- Ice Cream Day.  This started because Grandma Sidney sent the kids a free ice cream coupon to Dairy Queen.  Then, when the kids finished their summer reading at the library, she sent them a gift card for ice cream as a new reading incentive.   I never buy them ice cream so it is a real treat.
Thursay- Library day.  As mentioned before, the kids finished their summer reading in 2 weeks instead of 10.  No surprise there.  They earned all their prizes, including a free book and dinner at Rain Forest Cafe.  
Friday- Friend day.  Isabel and Max have friends that are siblings and we take turns having play days here or at their house.  Jorie and Justin also have a little sister named Jaylie and she plays pretty good with Luke. (who doesn’t play good with Luke?) This is the favorite day of the week for all of us.  You would think 6 kids would be crazy, and it is, but good crazy.  There are surprisingly few fights believe it or not!
So there you have our summer schedule. It keeps us feeling like we have something to look forward to in between vacations and school starting again.  Even when I am feeling overwhelmed, I enjoy these things with my sweet little people.  The schedule has also helped me find ways to keep my “20 minutes of play time with the kids” goal.  Can’t beat that. 
It is nice to have things to count on, even if they are small.

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