Somedays are Diamonds…

Yep, good old John Denver, Some Days are Stones.  I have been reading a lot of blogs lately and though I understand that we don’t want everyone to know that we are not perfect, the truth of the matter is, nobody is perfect.  So many people blog about all the great things in their lives that after reading a few, or ten, you think that something must be wrong with you because your life is not always perfect.  What?  Yours really is? Awesome for you but I don’t believe it.  I want to write about all the good things in life, don’t get me wrong.  I also want my blog to be a true representation of our lives.  My life.  Therefore I have to put this all in here.  Wait for it…

This morning my house smelled horrific because of the dogs gas.  Disgusting but true.  I am not sure how something so small can smell SO bad.  My kids had gotten peanut butter all over the kitchen counter, there were toys, paper, shoes, etc., everywhere.  I did not get out of bed until 10 even though I was awake at 7:30.  I cried twice today, once when reading an email from Abbi thinking about our kids growing up, & once for no good reason at all.  I made Isabel bring me ice water while I laid in my bed reading my book.  It is 3:50 and I still have not made my bed today.  I probably won’t.  I yelled at the kids for yelling, that one made a lot of sense huh.  I was upset with Jesse because I was tired of cleaning up messes and felt like he thought it was my “job” and I was not worth more than cleaning up messes even though he said nothing that should make me think that or feel that way, I was just being a little crazy.  (or a lot crazy, but I am over it.) I called my Grandma to wish her a happy birthday and she told me I probably didn’t even know why people were flying their flags today, just like she tells me every year on her birthday.  (I do know why, it is Flag day and I have known it pretty much all my life but somehow she still thinks I have no idea what flag day is) It is Father’s day tomorrow and I did nothing for my dad or Jesse or his dad for that matter.  

My point here is to let everyone know, (that didn’t already) I am not perfect.  Earth shaking revelation, I know.  I often do not include this stuff, that I should probably be embarrassed about, in my blogs, but it happens.  I happen to know it happens to a lot of people.  Most people in fact!  I just want to look back at this someday and remember the days like today.  I didn’t be the best person I could be.  I will try harder tomorrow.  Thank heavens for tomorrow, maybe it will be a diamond.  

3 thoughts on “Somedays are Diamonds…

  1. I hope lots of your next days are diamonds!!! There are LOTS of stone days when you are in the midst of raising a family with uncertain future stuff! I have lived through some awfully big stones so keep hanging in there. There are lots of diamonds even on stone days when you have cute little people to say and do the wonderful stuff they do.

  2. What a great post! Thank you for sharing an ordinary, frustrating, type of a day. You are right, we do tend to post only the positive. This was a very insightful posting. You are awesome Erin!

  3. Thank you thank you Thank you! I am kind of new to this blog thing- and I have been thinking “wow- everyone has such great vacations” and then I think “what about the grumpy moments”? we always have grumpy moments on out trips. What is wrong with us. I used to call those picture perfect situations “movie moments” You know things that look great but are impossible to recreate in real life. I think I will start calling them “blog moments” instead

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