This past weekend Jesse I and hopped on over to Cali to take a look at a surf shop.  Picture Idaho and add a beach and that is about what Pismo beach is like.  Slightly backwards, farms and rolling hills, and a pier in the middle of it.  It was a nice trip though and it was nice to be able to make a decision for ourselves that we did not want to live there instead of have 
numbers or other people make the decision for us.  While we were in the neighborhood, we decided to check out the Hearst Castle.  (as in William Randolph Hearst) This was an adventure.  Holy cow did this dude have some money!  He put statues in his garden that pre-date Moses.  Who sells something that is older than Moses -and who has enough money to buy it?!?  Here is a modest photo of the castle and guest quarters.  One of the rooms we saw was almost as big as our entire house.  You have to take a bus up the mountain because the road is very narrow and is about 6 miles long.  This place literally sits on the top of a mountain. Absolutely unbelievable.  We flew into Santa Barbara so we spent the day there before flying home.  There is a fun pier to take a walk on and beautiful weather.  While on the pier we noticed a spot where some kids were surfing.  We found out it is called Sand Spit and a lot of pros hang there because it is good surf.  The waves crash into the wall and roll parallel with the coast instead of straight for it so you can ride a long time.  We thought we would walk out to the end of the point and watch the guys for a while.  Little did we know that if a big wave rolled in and you were standing in the wrong place, you would be soaked as it crashed over the TOP of the wall.  Yep.  45 minutes before we were supposed to be boarding a plane, I was soaked by a wave.  I was not only wet, but I found out why they call it Sand Spit.  Believe it or not, the waves spit a lot of sand as they roll along the wall! Jesse had a little bit of water on him and some sand in his hair, but I was a soggy mess.  Jesse found it very entertaining but consented to getting me some dry clothes for the flight home.  It is a good thing because walking back across the wall another wave hit me from behind.  Somehow Jesse was standing about 3 feet away from me both times, which made it all the funnier to him because he got to watch the whole scene unfold.  He is still laughing about it.  I could not have planned it any better. 


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