We had our “Eastering” yesterday and the kids were able to find their baskets. It took a while before they noticed their baskets were missing and that they should even look for them, which I thought was pretty funny. We had a picnic in the back yard and they realized half way through eating that their baskets were missing. How did that bunny hide those baskets while we were out there eating? It was fun to eat under the lemon tree while it smelled so pretty and have the kids just enjoy being there with us. We also found a bird nest on the lowest branch of the tree so we had a dove eating with us. The kids thought that was great as well.
We had a nice Easter Sunday. The kids sang prelude music for church and Jesse helped pass the sacrament with the rest of the Elders since the youth were volunteering at an adult home. Isabel was impressed that she had never heard of an Easter that was not on a Sunday. (Though they are usually in April.)  What a great thing that it always lands on Sunday! Kind of like how fantastic it was that Luke was born on his birthday…truly amazing.
Silly mom forgot to take a picture of the three cute kids in their new spring/Easter outfits. That will have to be another Sunday I suppose.


One thought on “Easter

  1. I love your kids. They say the cutest thing. Im glad your enjoying the blossoms. I just wish I had the lemons off the tree. Thats one thing I have been craving is lemons with salt.

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