We have come to a realization this weekend. It was not a huge revelation, but instead a small, matter of fact, observation about ourselves we have not given much thought to in the past. Tonight was the adult session of Stake Conference. Jesse and I always talk about whether or not we are going to go and always seem to end up going even though we talked about doing otherwise. Our Stake President spoke of how he always jokes about the people that arrive at the Saturday session and knows the very reason we all chose to give up our family time or date night to be there. He is a lawyer and said if he sat down everyone one on one in the room and asked them why they were there, though the initial answers would be different, he would find that we were all there for the same reason. We are trying to do what we are told and we love our Saviour. After we left and were on our way home, Jesse and I talked about this. There are some GREAT people that use stake conference as the weekend to head out of town or have a break from church. Around here we refer to them as Duners because a great deal of them go to the sand dunes these weekends. We were able to recognize that we are, in fact, not duners. In the past few years we have had times where we could have been swayed to become duners, to jump at missing church on Sunday. I don’t think we have changed much, and I don’t think we are any better than anyone else. I think we just realized that was not how we were going to be with our family. It was a nice realization. We may travel on Sundays and even plan to be out of town from time to time, but it was nice to have that conversation and understanding with ourselves and each other that we were not going to look fro reasons to not be where we have been asked to be. Maybe its a small thing, maybe something other people are so good at doing without even thinking about it, but it was a big moment for me. I saw the truth of how dedicated we really are and I was excited to get up and go tomorrow.


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