Kids do say the darndest things, it is true. Luke has always had some pretty funny things to say so I decided I had better start recording them. I find myself laughing at him or with him many times throughout or normal day together.
Just the other day I went to get my back worked on at the Chiropractor and was reminded of what he used to say when he thought he needed his back looked at. He would look up at me with his big blue eyes and cock his head to side and say, “My back is flat mom. I need to get it fixed.” We always would laugh at him and tell the Chiropractor and he would tell Luke to lay down. Without fail, some part of his back was “flat” and needing adjustment. The nice part was that we were rarely charged for this and it made Luke think he was strongest, healthiest little guy around. Speaking of being healthy. This week he was not. He and Max took turn throwing up all week long. One on one day, the other on the next, and so on. Super Fun! Max was pretty good about not eating, but Luke really had a hard time staying away from food. I had gotten tired of telling him he could not have a doughnut one day and gave in to him. He ate it quickly and within a half an hour, he was throwing it up. He finished and still leaning over the toilet said, “ ah man, I threw up a doughnut.” I had to laugh as I helped him clean up his face. How sad to waste a good doughnut. Immediately after rinsing his mouth out, he ran to kitchen and said, “Since I am all better now, can I have some chips?!” Yeah, like that was going to happen….


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